Let us help you with all your horse blanket and other laundry, repair, waterproofing, and monogramming needs.

  • Discounts are available for multiple items
  • Oversized items may be priced slightly higher
  • Free pickup and delivery for10 or more blankets and within 50 miles of Chattanooga


We use environmentally friendly cleaners that do not break down the waterproof barrier on your blankets.

Use us for all your horse laundry needs; we clean more than just blankets.


Keep your horse dry; we use environmentally friendly waterproofing products.

See our blog post: Are Waterproof Horse Blankets Really Waterproof?

Repair and Monogramming

Keep your horse blankets in tip-top shape; we provide a repair service, including monogramming.

We will consult with you if the price of repairs exceeds the value of the blanket. We will notify you in advance if your repairs will exceed $50 USD.

Make your horse stand out; we provide custom monogramming services. Monogramming is a good way to place permanent identifcation on your blankets.


All prices are subject to change. All pricing is in US dollars. You can download a printable version of the price list.

Sheets (No fill)$15
Medium Weight Blankets$20
Heavy Weight Blankets$25
Stable Sheets/Coolers$10
Neck Covers$5
English Saddle Pads$3
Polo Wraps$4/set
Set of Shipping Boots/Sports Boots$10
Leg Straps$12/set of 2 new straps
RepairsCustom Pricing
Oversized ItemsCustom Pricing
MonogrammingCustom Pricing
Rush and Storage FeesCustom Pricing
When Applicable