Are Waterproof Horse Blankets Really Waterproof?

We waterproof our horse’s blankets in an effort to keep them dry. However, there are factors than can cause a horse wearing a waterproof blanket to become wet.

In reality, no blanket is waterproof; they are only water resistant. It is common terminology to say we are waterproofing a blanket, but a blanket is not a sealed capsule.

Outside Seepage

One issue that can cause your horse’s waterproof blanket to “fail” is rain water wicking from the drip lines back into the blanket lining. This ususally happens rather slowly and does not generally cause a severe problem. A way to prevent this issue from escalating is for you to ensure that any under blankets are not hanging below the level of the outer blanket, so that it does not absorb the moisture running off the drip lines or down the horse’s neck.

Damp Horses

Waterproof horse blankets are covered in a membrane coating that has holes smaller than water molecules. This prevents water from reaching the horse, but makes the material breathable.

Cheaper blankets use a denier that has a coating without proper perforations. This can cause a condensation build up inside the blanket. Just like camping in a tent with no ventilation, the inside of the blanket will become very damp, very quickly. Once a horse begins to sweat, either from activity or from being over-blanketed, the inside of the blanket can become as wet as if the rain soaked through. This can make a blanket appear to have lost its water repellency.

Placing a blanket on an already wet horse will soak the inner lining. If your horse is already wet, or even damp , it needs to dry completely before applying the blanket.

Horse Activities

As horse owners, we all know about their antics. Pawing in a water trough, turning upside-down in the pouring rain for a roll, laying down in a puddle, and any other crazy activity your horse can dream up will end in a wet blanket. The waterproof coating will also be damaged by a horse that repetitively rolls in the mud or sand while wearing their blanket. Horses can be their own worst enemy!

How Can I Dry my Wet Horse in Winter?

There are a few things you can do to dry out your horse and blanket.

  • Hang your blanket in a dry area with no folds or overlapping. Gently brush off the mud once it is dry.
  • Keep towels in your barn and give your horse a rigorous rub down.
  • Throw a wicking cooler on your horse to draw off the moisture.
  • Properly cool your horse down after a ride or other strenuous activity.
  • Use proper under blankets, when applicable.
  • Spray rubbing alcohol on damp areas. This method should be used sparingly, as it dries out the skin and hair and can dull the coat.

5 thoughts on “Are Waterproof Horse Blankets Really Waterproof?

  1. Michelle has always done an exceptional job repairing all of our ripped up, shredded, muddy and almost destroyed horse blankets!! We come back every season!!

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      1. Surprised/ shocked how my old horse blanket turned out. Looks almost brand new again. Best money spent. Turn around time was very quick as well. So glad I found this company. Oo and communication was exceptional as well. Too many good things to say. AND nope not getting paid for these comments, no discounts and not a family or friend ( I wonder that on reviews on Amazon and Groupon now). This is just a great company and will be a returning customer in future.


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